My Debian/ArchLinux CoLinux on a small USB  stick

I build a cmd shell script for install/run the ArchLinux and Debian Linux on Colinux.  I've packed the script and some documents on co.7z(updated 2008/03/05). You can download the co.7z and extracted by 7-zip.  By using the script, you need the wget windows version to get network files.  Extract all files of co.7z into c:\colinux directory (or your USB stick's \colinux directory).

For Debian user, run following command under cmd window to install the CoLinux & Debian images(Debian-4.0r2-etch.ext3.256m.7z.001, Debian-4.0r2-etch.ext3.256m.7z.002, Debian-4.0r2-etch.ext3.256m.7z.003).

co deb 1

For ArchLinux user, run following command under cmd window to install the CoLinux & ArchLinux images (ArchLinux-2007.08-2-ext3-256m.7z on 

co arch 1

You can also get the larger image (about 40M bytes) from colinux page on Debian-4.0r0-etch.ext3.1gb.bz2 ), and shrink them by toporesize.bat.

The images provided here is shrinked to 256M sized, the total download size is about 27M bytes.

Because my web site can only upload 10M bytes file, the CoLinux images could only split into 3 files, to extract them, download the *.001, *.002, *.003 and use 7-zip to extract the *.001.

I've also written a simple python script to expand/shrink file image's size, it is